Sunday, March 18, 2007

Three astounding secrets revealed, and memories of Maid Rites

Last night we had burgers from In-N-Out and I had my first experience with fries "animal style." For those who do not feel they have quite enough plaque in their arteries, this treat comes highly recommended. (It reminded me of a dish called the "Magic Mountain" that I savored in a diner in Bettendorf, Iowa, many, many years ago, although in those parts they like to add the "Maid Rite" loose meat to everything.) For those who are not acquainted with the many In-N-Out options that do not appear on their deceptively simple menu, here is a list of all that is revealed when we lift the veil the separates the seen from the unseen world. Sarah tells me it is some kind of Napa rite of passage to order a "9 by 9."

Delving more deeping into the mystical, here is a list of shortcuts you can use to conjure up an actual living human being from the depths of voice mail hell. If you've ever tried just pressing zero, you may have learned that not all companies want to make it that simple for you. This list, and the tips page, are handy. You're welcome.

For those who seek to do their duties as Americans and consume mass quantities of goods, here is an interesting article containing links to this site and this site, which promise to save you so much money you can't afford not to spend yourself into oblivion. Unlike fries animal style, I have no personal experience with these, but it seems worth a look.

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