Thursday, March 22, 2007

If I call him a bloviating pedant, does that sound harsh?

Kind of hard to imagine that Al Gore is not running for President, especially after yesterday's global warming show he provided for the Congress. And also hard to imagine that he could really get the nomination. I know he's riding a wave with the Oscar and all, but he has become such a preachy blowhard I can't see middle America getting on a Gore bandwagon. I can't get past the idea that he is using the green theme to remake himself, and at the bottom line it's all about Al Gore and getting elected. Lest we forget, this is a guy who couldn't carry his homestate in 2000 - is he more popular there now that he has cozied up with the granola wing of the party?

One thing we know for sure - Al plays fast and loose with the facts in his movie. In this piece from NPR, it's noted that Al's "20 foot rise in sea level" theory is not supportable, and the tying together of global warming and Hurricane Katrina is not something a reputable scientist will do. Al, after all, is a lawyer and a politician, and I have heard it said that persons in these professions may bend the facts to suit their cause.

So the next step is to ponder how it shakes out if Al does enter the Dem race - and to imagine what kind of You Tube videos we'll see then. Stay tuned, it's just starting to get interesting.


hillbilly deluxe said...

Al "Lockbox" Gore has always been a preachy blowhard, but he's really gone over the top on this one. This is pop science at its best. America, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!
Lets take a vote on the Kyoto protocols and see where the Dems line up this time. This is a classic example of what we call back home "all hat and no cattle". Maybe We'll see Clinton-Gore '08 - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Scott said...

P.S. Mister I've been in broadcasting my whole freaking life...

Al is just the spokesman, the voice over guy if you will. Just because Sigourney Weaver is narrating Planet Earth (which is the best show ever) doesn't mean she knows crap about the declining population of red faced pandas.

P.S.S I confiscated your electrcity bill from PG and E and for only two people you are using a hell of a lot energy in your house. You'd better send me your Hi-Def TV so I can watch Planet Earth.