Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Odds and Ends

Appropos of nothing, here are two photographs with stories behind them.

I took photo 1 from the top of the Clay Street parking gargage in downtown Napa. It's a good spot for viewing construction on a couple of current downtown projects. When I looked straight down, I saw this old TV that had obviously been dropped from the spot where I was standing. Shades of the old Letterman show. I imagine the spectacle was diminished by the fact that the tube did not explode.
Photo 2 is from our front yard. These blooms are from tulip bulbs we brought back from Amsterdam in 2003. Every year so far it was all foliage and no flower, but this year we get the blooms. I'm sending this photo to Al Gore as more proof of global warming.


your daughter said...

that's right.
up yours, Al Gore.

Scott said...

Amsterdam flowers huh? Are these thhe ones they make heroin from. What? Just asking.

I pretty sure you need to call hazmat for the TV. Too much mercury or something in there. They won't even let you take them to the transfer station anymore.