Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pregnant mare on a webcam? Seems foalish to me

A story in the Chronicle tells us you can join the thousands of people who are raptly watching a pregnant horse on a webcam. The mare is in Petaluma, and is due any minute now, so you can link to it (quick before you miss it!) although it requires a plug in to see what's happening. But after you install the plug in you can go to (I kid you not) and look at all kinds of horses, donkeys, alpacas, lemurs and orangutans all over the world on webcams. Well, I didn't actually see any lemurs or orangutans on, but I think if I keep watching enough webcams, some lemurs or orangutans might eventually show up.

Now before you think this is some kind of sick weirdness, it appears that people who own or manage a lot of horses are using the webcams in stables to monitor multiple animals. Has this idea replaced the baby monitor yet?

What IS weird is that this newspaper story will send a bunch of goofballs (like me) to rush off to their computers to look at the pregnant horse. "Oh goodness, there's a pregnant horse on a webcam. I never realized how much I've always wanted to see that on my computer." Likewise, a Chronicle story earlier this week told us about the guy who has attached a webcam to his forehead.

Using technology his team developed, (Justin) Kan has strapped a camera to his head to capture every moment of his existence in live streaming video on the Internet. Viewers literally see the world through Kan's virtual eyes, which broadcast his life onto the Web 24/7. He interacts with his audience through 21 chat rooms and hundreds of e-mails each day.

You can view all this excitement at I just popped over there and watched this Justin guy sleeping. That was great.

Moral of our story: Once again, I am filled with happy joy that my man Al Gore invented to the internet so that I can, at last, watch pregnant horses and some random guy sleeping, and have a way to tell YOU about it.


hillbilly deluxe said...

Foal-ish...I get it...hahahahahahahahahahahahha! That dang ol' internet, man, you just get on there and point and click click click and they got them nekkid chicks on there, man, its real easy...

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