Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The camera loves a big melon, si?

Question: Successful film and TV actors have abnormally large heads. True or False.

Today I appeal to you, the Barry's Blog readers, to address this pressing question. I can't remember where it first came up, but somewhere sometime someone said that it is a fact that the people whose heads are disproportionately large are more successful in the movies and TV. Something to do with how the camera, like the sitting President, conveys data that is not exactly reality, but an interpretation of it. This accounts for the old saying that "the camera adds 15 pounds." Try as I might, I cannot find any references to this "big heads = success on camera" concept, even searching my old favorite Snopes - and amazingly the query stumps Google. I thought Google knew everything. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Or maybe YOU have the knowledge I seek.

Recent examples of the ginormous cranium on TV include Giada Delaurentiis from the Food Network, and I believe Matthew Perry fits - or rather exceeds - the mold as well. In the photos here, you can see how the these stars struggle to hold their massive noggins in a normal upright position. It's sad, really.

So please, dear readers, do what you can to help me prove that this theory is indeed correct. Sources, citations, and additional examples are needed.

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Bryce said...

Merv Griffin said many times in interviews that he hired Vanna White for whatever that role is she does on "Wheel of Fortune" because of her large head. He said that was an attribute she had over other candidates for the job, and that he specifically was looking for a large head to fill the role. He went on to explain how the big head played into it all, but, well, I've never paid that much attention to Merv, but you might Google: Big head + Vanna White.