Thursday, March 8, 2007

I confess: I have questionable taste. What do you mean you already knew that?

I never got into South Park, or Beavis and Butthead, and I try hard but don't get many laughs from Family Guy - but to my credit, I am a major fan of Team America: World Police, everything by Sasha Baron Cohen, and I can trace my lineage as a fan to Steve Martin and Mel Brooks. So that says I like satire, and you can go so far over the top with something totally sophomoric and still be killing me on an intellectual level. And I will also admit that you can't make something that will offend me if it is funny at the same time. If you can make it work, there is no topic, language or style that will put me off. Case in point, The Aristocrats, in which the star of today's post delivered one of the most memorable renditions of the legendary joke.

All that said, I give me whole-hearted endorsement to the fore-mentioned star and her new show the Sarah Silverman Program. The season finale featured Sarah having sex with God. I think she's breaking new ground here. Wikipedia says her show has the "highest premiere ratings that a Comedy Central show has had in three years." (You can watch clips on the Comedy Central site, or buy episodes on itunes. That would be a well-spent $1.99.) It takes an episode or two, if you have not seen her before, to get into her thing. Then she owns you and can take you anywhere she wants. Equally recommended, the movie of her stand-up which is titled Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic.

Remember: nothing is truly offensive if it is also truly funny. A good laugh trumps indignation every time.

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Scott said...

The Family Guy? I was initially drawn in by Stewie...but lost interest after a month. South Park, however, continues to score big with me and my father. Matt and Trey continue to write stories that are relevant, witty and completely sophomoric.