Friday, February 2, 2007

Spooning a bear and other enjoyments

My buddy Scott in Santa Barbara contributes this delightful tale of Sasha Baron Cohen, the painfully funny man behind Ali G, Bruno, and now most famously, Borat.

Got to check out Sasha at the Lobero Theatre yesterday after a screening of Borat. Two writers and a producer from the movie were there too. I'm convinced that some of the best parts of the movie were left on the cutting room floor. Sasha told about a scene where he's spooning with a bear, naked, in the back of the ice cream truck. The bear then began fondling him. They also told a great story about the first of 40 police incidents, which involved Borat leaving the hotel...with everything inside the hotel room. Borat thinks that by paying for the room, everything in it is his. He gets into a fight with a security guard and the police are called in. An actual member of the crew had to spend the night in jail because if Sasha was arrested (being a British citizen) he would have been deported. Other funny deleted scenes include Borat getting confused and taking the exit to Baja California, then is forced to walk through the desert back to the U.S. after the ice cream truck breaks down. With a towel on his head and carrying the muffler from the truck he approaches the Border Patrol with what appears to be a rocket launcher on his shoulder. Finally, there was a scene when Borat decides to become an actor to earn some money. He unknowingly signs on to be part of a porn film. The woman is clean shaven leading Borat to say, "Did you sell your pubis for pots and pans?" Anyway, they're still deciding what to put on the "complete" DVD that will be coming out. We can only hope that some of these outakes will be on it.

I suppose there are people who haven't seen the Borat movie, and some who wouldn't laugh if they did, but I have to agree with commentators who have said it's the funniest movie in 10 years, or 20 years, or 50 years - pick your time frame, it's the funniest. Thanks for the story, Scotty...

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