Friday, February 9, 2007

Let's just not talk about it

Some things are just plain sad. I don't see much value in flogging the story of Anna Nicole Smith (which, of course, is what will continue happening for the next few days.) Another victim of the pop culture machinery. Sell yourself as an object, get treated like an object. And the drugs, of course, always the drugs. Easy to imagine she was devastated by the death of her son and went off the deep end. Enough said, it's only sadness and I don't think there's anything to learn from it. Ditto the nutty astronaut stalker. Love, or possessiveness, makes people do weird things. This is not breaking news. She got mental, and now there's grist for the tabloid mill for a week or so - but I imagine nutty-astronaut-stalker gets bumped pretty fast when you have overdosed-playboy bunny-golddigger-dying-young. So we all get a chance to take a trip to tawdry town for a short visit. Never mind, I don't think I'll go. There has to be something today that is more deserving of our attention.


Scott said...

Standing ovation Barry! What little "real" news coverage we're getting anymore certainly shouldn't be spent on such tabloid fare. The New York Post headline this morning hints at a possible murder investigation, leading to even more weeks we'll have to hear about Anna's untimely death. Great. What we really want is an update on Gavin Newsome's alcohol recovery program and whether he's dating a new teenager.

Scott said...
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