Sunday, February 11, 2007

Global warming a calamity = maybe. Hard drive crash a calamity = most certainly

In yesterday' post I glibly dismissed concerns over global warming, so that's behind us. Today I have been startled back into a state of vulnerability by reading James Fallows article in the March Atlantic Monthly about backing up your hard drive. Let's face it, the ocean could be lapping at my chin and I would be less worried than if my hard drive starts squealing. Having agonized through two or three drive failures with data intact due to divine intervention (thanks, David. Ok, my tech guru friend is not divine but probably should be considered for canonization) I got wise and bought an external HD for backup. It seems to work great, and all my photos and videos and music and stuff is safely backed up on there once a week. I should rest easy. But I read this article, and he's talking about online backup services and how "data should exist in different physical locations." Egad! He's right! What if stray cruise missile took out my entire computer room, external hard drive and all, and just left a pile a smoking rubble? I've got a lot of great songs saved in here! (Granted some were stolen through Napster a few years ago, but I still need them!) And what about my collection of pictures of myself waving my hat? Imagine the loss to our cultural fabric. So I think I'd better check into some of these online backup services he mentions. What's another few hundred dollars here and there? I've got ones and zeroes that need my protection...

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Scott said...

Glad the guy who took that picture handed you back the camera before jumping.

I'm sure your conversation about global warming or the importance of backing up your hard drive had no affect on the man jumping.