Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is a Target suit suitable?

Having earlier admitted that I have questionable taste (see the post from March 18) I feel I can launch into this topic without further disclaimer.

You see, I have a suit that I bought at Target. And I really like it.

I discern there are two basic types of people when it comes to clothes. There are people who try to look good while spending the least amount of money, and there are people who think they can only look good if they spend the most amount of money. (The latter are the people who buy those ridiculous sweaters like Bill Cosby used to wear on his TV show. You look like you're wearing a rag from Jackson Pollock's studio, but you can brag about how much you spent.) Then there are the people who don't seem to care at all and would probably wear a Hefty bag to work if you cut a neck hole in it. And there are the people who are glad they have to wear a uniform so they don't have to think about this issue. Wait a minute, now I have four basic types of people. Guess I have to start over.

I discern that there are an unknown number of types of people when it comes to clothes. One type I know of is the type that tries to look good while spending the least amount of money. I fit into that category, as does my friend Art Chang. Not long ago, Art was all decked out in this nice looking suit and we all said "Hey, why so dressy?" and he told us (with pride) that he was wearing his new suit from Target. Now, I wouldn't think twice about buying socks or t-shirts at Target, but the idea that Target now sells suits, and what's more, people are buying them, seemed kind of laughable. All the same, I was intrigued, and eventually I had to see for myself. So I checked out the merchandise, and today I can (with pride?) say I have my own Target suit now. I think the whole thing cost me $90 or something.

I am no cheap-suit virgin. I bought my first on Times Square in the 70s, in the good old seedy Times Square days. There were all those shops selling cheap, sweat-shop clothes from Asia. I think I spent $35 or $40 (in 1977 dollars, so today that would be equal to approximately $657,439.37) The difference is, that was a really cheap suit, the kind that just hangs on you like a...well, like a cheap suit. My new Target togs are veritably Milan runway by comparison. It's one of those things where you come away thinking you might spend $90 at Target or $500 at Macy's and get exactly the same thing. Keep in mind, of course, that I have questionable taste. Your mileage may differ.

So the moral of our story is this: (1) never laugh at trend setters like Art Chang. (2) We should all give thanks for third-world labor, because when they all catch up to us in wages we'll have to drink cheap wine all the time to afford clothes, and (3) "Thrifty" is a much nicer word than "cheapskate."


hillbilly deluxe said...

Times Square in the 70's? You weren't buying a suit, brothuh...who you trying' to fool?

Barry Martin said...

There were many other "products and services" available, that's for sure...

your daughter said...

wow, dad, that suit looks great on you in that picture. i saw go for the target suits!