Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tinfoil hat people make a fashion statement

Here's what the in-style deluded people will be wearing this summer.

For ten years or more, I have heard people ramble on about electromagenetic fields from power lines causing cancer and nuking your brain by using your cell phone too much. Now we have this woman from the UK claiming she has some kind of general allergy to energy in the air. She is particularly bothered by wireless networks, she says, and she claims she can feel it if there are electro-magnetic fields in her vicinity. She calls it electro-smog.

As you can see from the photo, she has fashioned this sort of tinfoil hat extender, this veil that protects her from all the bad stuff. And if you read the article, you will learn that she has a layer of tinfoil under her wallpaper and special metal curtains to block stuff from beaming in the windows.

Far be it for me to suggest this woman is some kind of nut case, whack job, loony, addled-pated, screw loose, fuzzy headed, psychosomatic case study. I would never say such things. Besides, it should be easy to set up an experiment to see if the people, like this woman, who have these symptoms can actually tell when they are in the prescence of a device generating the so-called electro-smog. Oh, wait a minute, they already did that test:

In one "provocation" study, a number of people who claimed to have electrical sensitivity were placed in a room with a mobile phone and not told whether or not it was switched on.

Asked by a researcher how they felt, they failed to establish any link between physical symptoms and the alleged trigger.

Oh well, what do studies mean anyway? There's always another study to refute the first study. And it seems like most people believe the studies always come out the way the group paying for the study wants it to come out. Please do not challenge my preconceived notions.

Funny though. If you had all these nasty symptoms, and you were sure it was modern technology that was doing it to you, would you like your walls with Reynolds Wrap and wear a metal burkah? Or would you just go off and live in some primitive place where the modern world wouldn't bother you? There are still plenty of places like that. Then you wouldn't have all these news reporters, and internet chat, and people's attention focused on you, and ....wait a minute...

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cat head said...

she looks like a new age beekeeper.