Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kick out the jams, man!

The internet, invented by my man Al Gore, is rife with rifeness. In other words, you can find a website about anything you can think of, except of course for the particular thing you're looking for. So I was not surprised to stumble on this site that is all about nostalgia for cassette tapes. is a project of, built to showcase the amazing beauty and (sometimes) weirdness found in the designs of the common audio tape cassette. There's an amazing range of designs, starting from the early 60's functional cassette designs, moving through the colourful playfulness of the 70's audio tapes to amazing shape variations during the 80's and 90's. We hope you enjoy these tapes as much as we do!
At first I thought, as you may have, somebody's got way too much free time. But as I perused the wide array of lovely, crisp photos of cassette tapes, each meticulously captured and labelled, I became certain that somebody's got way too much free time.

But I did have a nice flashback moment to 1979, riding around with my friend Les Lowry's 240Z and blasting The Cars and Cheap Trick at about 400 decibels, stopping in at the Sonic for some limeade and onion rings, driving around for the sake of driving around. We had way too much free time.

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