Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nerdvergence achieved

My son recently said, "Dad, you're such a nerd." To which I reply, "Thanks, son." High praise indeed. Maybe someday he will call me an early adopter. That would really make my day. But I'll settle for nerd today.

You see, I have reached a new level of nerdvana with the successful connection of my PC to the HD plasma screen in the living room. I am at this moment viewing my post in a full 42-inch 16:9 aspect ratio, riding on my wireless home network, of course. O bliss, technology is thy name!

(In fairness, I must credit David, my uber nerd guide in all things digital, for getting me perfectly set up. I am low on the Nerdlichter Scale, maybe a 3.7, but David is a plate-shifting 8.2. Thanks, pal.)

What's that? The big dealio? Well, this means I can watch worthless You Tube videos from the comfort of my easy chair. And when the Next Big Thing comes along, I'm ready.

There's truly something to ponder here. I have the power to access more information than 99.9% of all the people who have ever lived could have accessed in their lifetimes, and I can do it with my feet up and a handful of Fritos. And in glorious 16:9, did I mention that?

Gotta run, there's a universe of ones and zeroes out there to explore....

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