Friday, June 8, 2007

Truth! Justice! And the American Way! (Hey, two outa three ain't bad...even one outa three, that's respectable...)

I am tickled pink to believe that there is at least one human being in this silly world we've created who will, just for once at least, do the right thing. Today, that simple right thing is to make the offensively spoiled brat Paris Hilton do her time.

Perhaps we were not quite on the verge of a Rodney King trial riot, but I could sense a disturbance in the force when the news came out that she had whined her way out of jail. We all know that money talks, the few and the famous get their special treatment, a rich man's crime is nothing like a poor man's crime, but we do not need to have it all thrown in our faces. And any outcome that involves Paris doing less than her full stay in graybar hotel is a travesty.

She doesn't like it in jail? It upsets her? Shocking. I'm sure all the rest of us regular folks would love it there. And we would do our 18 days (that's all she'll end up serving, most likely) for the multiple "driving without a license" offenses and we would suck it up. We wouldn't have any money to buy our way out of it, or some ridiculous excuse why we just can't take it.

Honestly, it's a different thing when you see some wizened old actor in a mug shot, fallen on hard times, can't kick the pills or the booze - or a Marilyn-type self destructor - and your heart goes out because of all the pleasure that person has given you over time. You like them because they have entertained you, and you feel sorry they are having it bad. But come on, what has Paris Hilton ever done that wasn't shameful? She has an entire celebrity persona built on being despicable. Why should I feel sorry for her? That judge and I are on the same page.

Get over yourself, silly girl, and try to learn something about life. Your actions have consequences.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. I understand from Barbara on the View that she has all ready got religion. OK What ever.