Sunday, June 17, 2007

HBO is my dealer

I'm feeling a little down today. It's Father's Day and it's beautiful outside, and I should be in a great mood. But I'm a little down because it's the first post-Sopranos Sunday in many, many years.

I know there were those long breaks between seasons a few times, and I know there were some long spells when the show seemed to lose its mojo, but all the same. You knew it would be back, and you knew it would get good again. Now it's all just a memory.

I felt the same way when Deadwood ended, and Six Feet Under ended, and especially when Rome ended. Almost like losing a friend, in a sad TV-addict kind of way. I've always been susceptible to the blue mood on a Sunday evening - "and so this is Sunday, and what have I done? Another week over and a new one just begun." So having those great HBO shows waiting there at the end of the weekend, taking the edge off the Sunday evening letdown, was always a saving grace.

So I'm keeping my hopes up for John from Cincinnati. (That's John in the picture. What a weird dude - or weird angel - or something.) The first episode last week was wonderfully weird - the dialogue reminded me of Waiting for Godot - and I am anxious to see what comes up this week. I don't think it will make me forget Tony and Carm and Paulie Walnuts, but the blue Sunday TV addicts need a little fix to make it through the night.

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Scott said...

Huh? HBO? What is this thing you speak of?