Friday, June 1, 2007

Duty Calls

Kind of an exciting day for me. I got a letter from the Council on Foreign Relations, and they're recruiting me.

I know that some people think the CFR is a nefarious, secretive cabal. In truth, it's not all that secretive. And bottom line, everybody who is anybody is in it - even Angelina Jolie, as reported here in this space back in March.

This seems like a great time for me to get involved on foreign affairs. These days, everybody is interested in what's going on in Burkina Faso and Myanmar and Ativan. Wait, I think that last one is a medicine, not a country. But anyway, you get the idea. We're all thinking globally and acting provincially, as the saying goes, and we care about where our cast-off computers full of heavy metals are going to be recycled, and we care about blood diamonds because we saw that movie, and we still care about the rain forests, don't we? I mean, I think about the rain forests every time I walk past a Ben and Jerry's.

So like I said, I'm going to sign up for the Council on Foreign Relations like they asked me to in this letter. It looks like I will be a member for the preferred rate (see, I'm preferred already, I can tell that I will move up fast in this group) of only $19.95 and I will get four free issues. I imagine Colin Powell or one of my other new CFR buddies will soon let me know when the next meeting will be, and we'll chew the fat over all the hassles coming down in Hotandwindystan and Islamistan and other 'Stans, and we'll ponder why old Putin is acting all touch guy all of a sudden.

Maybe I'll get to sit next to Angelina. I'll keep you posted.

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Scott said...

Wow! Can you bring me along to the Bohemian Grove next year? I'd love to plan which 'Stan we're going to invade next! This is exciting!