Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bees vs. Crows

The latest tally: not enough bees, WAY too many crows.

You may have seen any number of news stories worrying over the decline of bees. No one has a definitive reason, but there is a problem they call "colony collapse disorder" that either is or isn't a serious problem, caused or not caused by pesticides, genetically modified crops, or malnutrition. Some people think the dwindling of the bees is caused by cell phones. In this scenario, the young worker bees fail to produce food for the hive because they spend all their time texting each other.

Anyway, it's a big problem if the bees poop out, because that means no strawberries, unless we find some other way to get all the plants pollinated, which I'm sure we would do because who wants to live in a world without strawberries?

So on the one hand, we have too few of something we really need - bees - and at least in my neighborhood, an enormous oversupply of something we could probably do without - crows. I don't know what the hell is up with these noisy little monsters, but they are bountiful this year. So bountiful - and did I mention noisy? - that I have seriously considered calling animal control. I think they are scaring away all the nice birds, too. We used to have a mockingbird every spring, and they little thing would sing his guts out every morning. I don't mind getting a wake up call from a mockingbird ("Mock. Yeah! Ing. Yeah!") but these crows are too much. What good are crows anyway?

I went to a page of "Frequently Asked Questions About Crows" and it looks like they are as big a pain to other people as to me:

Tearing off the windshield wipers?

Do they make shotguns with silencers?


cat head said...

la muerte de las abejas...ay, no es bueno!

Scott said...

Snakes and rodents in the bird bath? I only see crows dropping walnuts in the street. I didn't realize they were meat-eaters too. That 10-year old boy had better watch out or he'll end up in the other woman's bird bath!