Sunday, May 13, 2007

A picture is worth....oh, I don't know... a lot of words.

When I was about 12 I had the walls of my room completely plastered with full-page color photos from Sports Illustrated. There was no place on the room where you could see the panelling. Every square inch was action sports, edge to edge, perfect rectangular symetry. Back then you had no other lasting memory of a great sports moment at your fingertips - no VHS recording, no ESPN highlights - it was just your memory, and Sports Illustrated. A lot of the pictures I had on my wall were of athletes I didn't know. It wasn't about being a fan of a particular sport or team as much as being a fan of the great photograph. There was something compelling about the fluidity, focus, intensity and power captured by those still cameras. If a photo also could tell the story of a whole game, if might become a true classic.

I think we may have a nominee for true classic standing in this one from the SF Chronicle:

I am no basketball fan, but we happened to be watching when the Warriors pasted Utah the other night, and this was a defining statement toward the end of the game that the series was far from over. 6'3" Baron Davis takes the 6'9" noted shot blocker Andrei Kirilenko to school - with a little help from a forearm shiver that would make Fred "The Hammer" Williamson envious. I have looked at the video of this slamma-jamma, and nothing compares to this still shot. I don't know if Sports Illustrated got a frame like this or not, but if they did maybe I will tape it to my wall.


hillbilly deluxe said...

Too bad the Warriors are down 3-1, Barry. Looks like they 'll be watching the rest of the playoffs from their couches. Golden State proved to be a one trick pony - only wanting 3-pointers. Check ot the stat called "points in the paint" for this series. Then check out the three point percentages - both attempts and those made. And talk about a about getting beat by 14 at home - ouch!

hillbilly deluxe said...

Nice picture, though...

Wouldn't that be a foul?