Sunday, May 6, 2007

Do as I supersay, not as I superdo.

Today is Earth Day. Well, not precisely, but in the grand scheme of things what's a few days difference? And aren't we supposed to think and act like it's Earth Day every day? So there.

Today's topic is superuse. I have just discovered this term about 10 minutes ago and have invested quite a bit of time in studying the subject since then, and now feel qualified to consider myself an expert. Superuse means going beyond just piling cans and bottles in a bin to be picked up - it's about finding another use for things. Like this, for example:

Here we have a collection of used up Rubik's cubes. (I can't imagine who would throw one of these away, they are so much fun.) Some superuser has superused the cubes to make this cool mosaic portrait. If you had enough Rubik's cubes you could go into business as a "portrait mosaician," make a lot of cash and superuse that money for lots of things.

Here's another great idea:

This chandelier is made from ballpoint pens. Admit it, you've always wanted one of these.

So be a superuser like me. I haven't done anything with Rubik's Cubes or ballpoint pens, but this blog post was made entirely from recycled pieces of other people's blogs.


your daughter said...

i think i will start selling jewelery boxes manufactured from my old q-tips. i use a lot of those.

Scott said...

Any superuses for used diapers? I got lots of those lying around the house.