Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Once in a lifetime

Thanks to my friend Dan, I flew in a B-17 yesterday.

There's a group of guys who travel all over with these restored classic planes. For a few bucks you can look at one up close. For a lot of bucks you can get a ride. Kind of indulgent, so I wouldn't have done it if I had to pay, but it's probably worth the money for the thrill.

I've done my share of flying on commercial jets, including some small ones where you get a real sensation of flying, but nothing could compare to this. Not just the history of the thing, but the way it felt alive, organic, thrumming and surging and powering through the air. Truly memorable.

There were two WW2 B-17 vets on the flight. You will see them at the end of this short video. You can only imagine the thoughts going through their minds, the memories...

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