Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fun with mashups

Mashups using Google Maps: the salvation of mankind, or tool of the devil?

Perhaps I draw the parameters a bit broad. But these mashups are proliferating, and they range from silly fun to useful to kind of subversive. (A mashup, by the way, is a blending of different things. The term seems to have originated with music, and now has gone multi-media.)

Examples of Google Map mashups:

Napa Valley vineyards map
A basic use of the concept.

Find Starbucks
Now this is useful. How many times have you bumbled all over a strange town looking for a Starbucks. Never more.

Roadside America - Guide to offbeat attractions
Every state is included here. This link will take you to the Missouri map. You can see how useful this mashup can be - otherwise you might miss the statue of Marlin Perkins or the world's largest pecan.

The Geography of Seinfeld
If you want to know where the real soup Nazi can be found...

Following the Dollars: Map Political Campaign Contributions in Your Area
Here's where it gets subversive. Enter your area of interest and click on the dots. You'll see the name of the donor, who got the money, and how much was given. Don't even say anything about privacy, you have none...

For eleventy-million others, go here. Write if you get work.

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Scott said...

I just sent that Seinfeld map to about 30 people. Priceless! I may plan an entire vacation to New York around it!