Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Five utterly random items of an entertaining nature, just because I love you

From "News of the Weird":
... in Tacoma, Wash., in March, corrections officer Alan O'Neill, 41, was charged with bigamy after his long-estranged first wife found out about the second one when Facebook suggested the two be "friends." - KOMO News (Seattle), 3-9-2012
From The Telegraph:
Forced to choose between her man and her scaly reptile's health, Lizzie Griffiths chose the latter. The 25-year-old schoolteacher from the London area paid approximately $4,700 so George, her bearded dragon, could get chemotherapy for tumors in his face.
"George will always come first." Griffiths told the Sun. "I fell in love with George the minute I saw him and knew I'd do anything to look after him properly."
Chris Fisher, who's been in a relationship with Griffiths for 10 years, understood the warm affection that Griffiths has for a cold-blooded creature."They have a special bond." 
From USA Today:
A Denver woman has been charged with perjury after a judge heard her admit on a local talk show that she had worn offbeat clothes and pretended to be mentally ill to get out of jury duty in the judge's court last summer, KUSA-TV reports.
From the Uncyclopedia:
James Brown's Chicken Soup for the Soul is a collection of short stories, poems, and passages designed to inspire and uplift readers the world over. Specifically, the collection is geared towards readers seeking "soul," and also those who wish to become "super bad." Unfortunately, the works herein were compiled late in James Brown's life, long after his days of intelligible speech.
From the personals in the London Review of Books:
Woman, 35. Large untapped reserves of buttock and frontal lobe.

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