Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Money can't buy me love

Somehow, somewhere in my ramblings on this blog, or maybe on some Facebook note, I gave someone the wrong impression.

I hate it when I mis-communicate. I mean, that's what I do - I communicate for a living. So when I get it wrong, I feel bad. Or badly. A person who communicates for a living should know the grammar. Oh well.

The problem, I am told by a friend, is that I wrote something about money. I think I may have said that I "needed more money." Unfortunately, someone has interpreted that as meaning that I don't think my job pays me enough money. Truth is, my job with the City of Napa is a very good job and I am lucky to have it. Truth is, my living situation has changed recently because I am now a separated person and because of choices I have made it now costs more money to continue living and cover all my obligations. Truth is, I need to find a way to make a little more money to cover all those obligations. That's all.

So I am hoping to find some kind of weekend job or something where I can make a little more money, so I can continue to live my life and pay all the bills and everyone can be happy. Or maybe a sack of cash will fall out of a Brinks truck and try as I might they won't take it back. Or maybe I will learn how to cook meth. That's all. I don't know.

I hate poor communications, and I hate misunderstandings, so I hope this clears up my situation. For more information, call 1-800-Barry'spersonallife and press 2#.

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