Sunday, February 3, 2008

Soylent green IS people after all

To mark this blog's first birthday, I gift to you this real email I received at work this week. I am not making this up.

After studying the anatomy of pigs and humans, I wonder if human is being served as pork. Pork has been called the other white meat. Why is pork so red and bloody now? Humans have a certain number of ribs, and pork has several more than human. I have studied the Niman Ranch web site, and wonder if their meat is really pork. Are the roasts really from the back of a pig? Could the ambulance drivers who do "dementia management" as discribed on the Sacramento First Responder website be actually taking the body to a butcher. Do ambulances have GPS tracking devices on them? Is there a GPS database of where the ambulances have been? The church of euthanasia has a how to butcher a human discription (Editor's note: this site has a lot of really offensive stuff on it. I wouldn't go there if I were you.) Where are all the Niman Ranch farms? In my town the ambulance company also owns old folks homes, and a medical supply company. Could the bodies of the elderly be taken to these homes for 'resuscitation' instead of the hospital? What is dementia management? Are the drivers being instructed by a "voice to skull" system to not go to the hospital because of some kind of non-existent exotic disease that effects the elderly in the middle of the night? Could it be that these people own their home outright or be almost done paying for it? Could this be a conspiracy to keep people paying for the same house again and again, instead of giving it to their children? Why is the number of missing people difficult to find on the web? Is there a coverup involving missing people? Voice to skull was invented in 1974, patent 6587729 Napa piner ambulance Why does Niman Ranch have two new Napa pork roasts? Where are the pig farms in Napa?
Yikes. I'm speechless. My best guess is that Napa State Hospital is allowing the patients internet access? I hope this guy is not out walking the streets.

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