Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hope springs eternal

Like the snail said after he was mugged by the turtle - "It all happened so fast." One minute we're there watching some guy you never heard of catching the most important pass of the Superbowl up against his face, and the next minute it's Fat Superbowl Tuesday (guess it's a four-day weekend now, which is a sweet deal. I'm already planning a little vacation for February 2012. Maybe Carnival in Rio? I've always wanted to prance about in a fish suit.) and we're doing the red state-blue state war games again. Hardly got Christmas kicked to the curb and we're like 1/9th of the way through the year already and here it is almost VD. Boy, that ol' tempus sure does fugit, don't it?

Just a few more ticks of the clock and W will be backing his U Haul up to the door and loading up his malaprops and it will be off to Lazy Brain Ranch in Texas to cut the dickens out of that brush. (Ever notice how only Republican Presidents like to cut brush? Old Reagan would just cut the shit out of the brush every weekend. I think during the week they had to plant more brush so he would have some to cut. Can you picture Bill Clinton out cutting brush? Not likely. Then again, I never pictured Bill becoming an elder statesman and being some kind of BMOC for the Dems, so maybe my picturing mechanism is on the fritz.)

This is all by way of saying that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on what seemed like the eternal Presidential campaign from hell. It's not the beginning of the end, buy maybe the end of the beginning now. Pretty soon it will be only McCain left standing for the brush cutters, and either Clobama or Obilary and we'll be talking about running mates. That's assuming Huckabilly (thanks to Frank for that tag, I love it) doesn't go third party and secede from the Union.

From my own personal point of view (which if you hadn't noticed is what this blog specializes in) I got what I wanted from Super Fat Tuesday - the two Dems neck and neck, meaning we'll hear a lot more from them about policy before the choice is made, and McCain the presumptive nominee for the 'Publicans. I don't like Hilary much, but at least she knows what she's doing, which is more than we can say for some Presidents who will soon be cutting brush. Obama is untested and underexperienced, but he has the passion and I can believe he wants to do the right things. And McCain - I've always liked him, and even though he's got some policies I don't care for, if Rush Limbaugh is trying to sink him then he can't be all bad. A cynic could even feel optimistic at this moment. In theory.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Republicans revert to some sentimental stage in their old age. I know I went through that romantic/rural stage while young, but soon enough grew tired of the battle with the brush. Suburban life is my cup of tea. A little grass to mow with power equipment. A handful of plants, trees, and shrubs to assault when I get the itch to tackle "bush country". At this point I want to retire to the beach so if I end up in Madison County tending my version of the north 40, you'll know I fell off my rocker.

If McCain is elected, I do hope he can lead this country out of $400 billion annual deficits. Spending cuts involving 150 programs and $18 billion is not going to get us far. Of course my wager is on the Dems. Unpopular foreign war + incumbent party = Guaranteed opposition takeover.

Steve in Bentonville, AR

Anonymous said...

masculine hygene paradox; you can trim the beard and continue to grow it out; evenly.

Barry Martin said...

Steve, you referenced the deficit. I am regularly amazed at how few people pay any attention to this problem, and yet we hand over tons of our money to mostly foreign investors every day. They then build more factories to make things we buy. I'm all for free trade, but we've got a weird thing going. And the strangest part of it is that the last 8 years have seen the birth of this dangerous new political animal, the big spending Republican. I guess the word conservative only applies to morality for these guys.