Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fish? Jumping. Cotton? High.

This is post #104 on this blog. If this were a weekly newspaper column that would be two years worth, with no vacations. Since I've only been writing here for about 5 months, you could say I'm on a torrid pace. (Those are two words- "torrid" and "pace" - that almost always show up side by side. Comforting, isn't it?)

These facts, along with the fact that this is a holiday week (because it's no longer enough to just have a holiday anymore, we all tack on our vacation days and such and turn any week with a holiday in it into a "holiday week") and all I can really focus on is the impending visit of the kids and the grandson, leads me to declare that I will take a few days off from this blog. My goal will be to not write anything through the remainder of the holiday week, and get back to it July 9. I have to make a deal with myself because I feel sort of guilty when I skip a day or two, like I am violating an unspoken pact with you, the reader. So I just want to be up front about it, get it all out in the open. Then we can enjoy our 4th of July with a clear conscience.

Speaking of the 4th of July, did you know there's a 50/50 chance you'll eat a hot dog on that date? You may say your plans do not include hot dogs, but there's no sense in fighting the statistics. And speaking of hot dogs, as if there's something in the DNA that tells me the 4th is approaching, just last night I got a powerful hankering for a coney. (Some people would say "chili dog" but "coney" is the first word that comes to my mind.) Did you know that there are at least two different hot dog-based items known as conies? You'd better read this. There may be a quiz.

So here's to conies, cold beer on a hot day, water fights, fireworks, putting up the flag, and just simply being with your family. (Did I mention cold beer?) I hope you enjoy your holiday week at a torrid pace.

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Scott said...

I wonder how many conies Joey Chestnuts could eat? By the way, being a life-long westcoaster, I've NEVER heard anyone use the word coney to describe a chili dog. P.S. Tommy's must be the hamburger equivalent to your coney. I miss a good-ol Tommy burger, smothered in chili, after a Dodger game. Mmmmmm.