Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mongo copycat? Conan wannabe? Or just fed up with stuck up dromedaries?

Six Flags Visitor Arrested For Hitting Camel

VALLEJO (AP) ― A man has been arrested for allegedly punching a camel on a dare at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Vallejo police say 24-year-old Christopher Allen was dared by a friend to enter a restricted area at the theme park where the camel was kept and punch it. He struck the animal and was arrested.

Undoubtedly our top story today is this tragedy that was perpetrated in nearby Vallejo.

On first instinct, you might wonder what kind of meth head would get exercised enough to want to punch a camel. But this clearly seems to me to be a copycat crime. This kid was either trying to duplicate the "Mongo cold cocks a horse" scene from Blazing Saddles, or more likely, a "Conan punches a camel" scene that can be found as a video game excerpt on You Tube.

Then again, if you are in the captive animal taunting business, it's always better to choose something that can't much fight back, rather than teasing a tiger like those nimrods at the SF Zoo a few months ago. The camel might spit, or kick you, but probably won't bite your throat out.

Clearly I cannot condone camel punching. On the other hand, we've all seen that smug look they get, those half-lidded eyes, looking down that long nose at us. "Thirsty?" he seems to say. "Not me, not a bit thirsty." And I can't help but consider the many years of camel complicity in encouraging our youngsters to smoke.

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DodgerScott said...

Yeah, and you know who rides those camels don't you? That's right. Those Islamo-fascists in the dessert. Don't let the terrorists win Barry, punch a camel. "Candygram for Mongo, Candygram for Mongo."