Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hard drive ruptures, ones and zeroes all over the floor

I think my computer is failing. It makes these weird noises lately, lots of clicking and a little screeching, which means either the hard drive is going or it has Tourette's. Although the sudden outbursts of foul language usually come from me, so it's probably the hard drive.

I always get a little panic attack when I think the computer's dying. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, since this is maybe PC number five that is suffering from end-stage hard drive error. But the panic comes from the feeling that I'm going to lose something precious - something I can't even specifically identify - that is saved somewhere in this box. Maybe it's a photo, or a song, or a piece of video, or something I started writing and didn't finish, a link to something that was really important at the moment that I have forgotten about, an email I meant to answer but haven't - somehow something's going to get left behind. I have to remind myself that although each of these PCs has been like a trusted friend, I have survived their passage to the trash heap. (Let me clarify that it's only metaphorical trusted friends, like old PCs, go to the trash heap, not actual trusted friends. With some exceptions.)

And the panic is compounded by the fear that, with a dead computer, I will not be able to tap into the ocean of information that I wallow in at the start of each day. God forbid I should have to get my news from a newspaper (who knows when it will show up?) or radio (who knows when they will shut up?) or - gasp! - morning television (there's something so sad about all those people standing around outside the studio for a chance to wave at the camera while Mr. Smarmy does the weather.)

But I will fight the wave of fear and lug in the next magic box, and plug in all my gadgets, and I will keep my connections always on, pedal to the metal on the Information Superhighway (thanks again, Al Gore - why no Nobel for inventing the internet, I ask?) because I have an aching need to know.


Scott said...

Your computer may die, but your blogs will live on. Speaking of which, I have a new hobby. Reading the local news to find out who died, then going to their MySpace site and finding out all about them. Their MySpace site lives on after their death. In fact, many turn into an organic obituary with friends leaving comments. Maybe when you pass, I'll just sit and read all of your thousands of blog entries. Maybe even publish them into a coffee table book. How about a coffee table book about coffee tables?

Barry Martin said...

I am glad to hear you are thinking about what to do when I die. Make sure it's a god party, with skinny-dipping.

Scott said...

maybe I can even get some females to take their clothes off next time. "It's to honor Barry! It's what he would want!"