Thursday, May 28, 2009

A-hole of the year nominee right here in Napa

This story by Mike Treleven appeared in the May 28, 2009 edition of the Napa Valley Regster...
"Napa County jail is a far cry from the honeymoon suite at a tony wine country inn and spa.

On Tuesday around  5 p.m., Napa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a fight behind the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville.
A woman told deputies that she suffered a cut lip and bruising on her face in a fight with Sean Morris, 27, of Sarasota, Fla. Morris was booked into the Napa jail on suspicion of felony domestic battery. The couple was visiting the Napa Valley on their honeymoon and had gotten married here on Saturday, according to the sheriff’s department."
OK. Let's first clarify that there's nothing humorous about male on female violence. Or female on male violence. Or violence, period. That said...
WTF? Dude, you have JUST been married. You have spent a fair piece of coin to have your honeymoon in Napa Valley. You have probably been enjoying some of the best scenery, food, wine, and (logically) sex you've ever had, because you are on your HONEYMOON. And now it seems like a good time to smack your woman in the face?? Wow, wow, wow. What happened, did she flirt with the spa attendant? Did she question your manhood in some way? Or did she really do nothing at all, but you are just an angry drunk and you like to intimidate women? Unbelievable. You hit your newlywed wife in the face on your HONEYMOON! I am sure I am the first the bring this up, but this may not be a relationship that is built to last. OK, I am sure there have been more than a few couples who have actually had a fight during their honeymooon. But by "fight" I mean an argument, not a punch out. 
I am at the "just got to shake my head in disbelief" stage on this one. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How I have neglected my blog and the sadness that results

So jeez, I am feeling a little contrite because I have neglected this blog. Feeling a little like I have let an old friend fall by the wayside while I have been spending all my time with someone new.I even got needled by one of my (few) readers today - "Wow, no blog post since April 2!"  Feeling a little frivolous and superficial because my good old reliable Blogger blog here has fallen victim to my other time sucks - namely, Facebook, and of course, what I like to call "real life."

Maintaining a blog is no simple task, my friend. Just mouse up there to the top of the screen, left of center, and start clicking on "Next blog." You will soon soon discover there are lots and lots people who start a blog, make two or three posts, and discover it's kind of demanding. (You'll also discover that about two-thirds of all the random blogs you'll see in the "next blog" mode are in Spanish, which I find strangely fascinating. ) Maybe those whose blogs wither realize they don't have any spare time, or their computer crashes, or (horrors) they realize they don't have that much to say after all. Depressing.

So what have I been doing with all my time when I am obviously not being devoted to this here blog? Well, my good old friend Frank in Iowa wrapped it up nicely (on Facebook, wouldn't you know?) when he wrote:

How in the world do you find the time? Work, politics, blogging, city government, golf, baseball, wine tasting, and now more acting..............what's is your secret to vitality? Must have something to do with clean air and all that quality vino you rave about...??
But of course, the answer is deeper, and less fun, and kind of sad. Somehow it's really all about the relentless, fruitless search for some kind of satisfaction that has always eluded me. Some sense of adequacy, of being good enough, that is like the classic carrot on the stick - always in sight but always out of reach.  Maybe I can be  notable golfer - or a blogger - or really know something about wine. Maybe I can lead the old broken-down men's hardball league in some statistical category. Maybe I can, in fact, act my way out of a paper bag - an underrated skill in today's world. Maybe I can do something that means enough to me that I will accept that I am adequate - God forbid, even good - at something that's meaningful to me. Time will tell. But I think the complete inability to "get no satisfaction" -  that's what gives me "vitality." Got to keep trying.  

I envy people who are satisfied.  How do I get a little of what you've got?