Friday, August 31, 2007

"This above all: to thine own self be true..."

I guess among all the people who feel trapped in a life situation they can't control, some are better off than others. There are women who put up with abusive men because they are physically threatened, or fear they can't make it on their own. There are poor and unskilled people who put up with shabby treatment at work because they need the money. And there are people who are so miserable inside they pulverize themselves with drugs, or mutilate themselves, or jump off a bridge. All considerations made, being a US Senator who is gay but can't admit it because his constituency won't accept him for what he is - and maybe he can't accept himself for what he is - that's probably not a guy who deserves a full-blown pity parade. After all, he's a man with power and influence, lives among the educated elite, and should have the wisdom of experience to know how the world works. He could have changed his situation in any number of ways.

All the same, I do feel sorry for Senator Larry Craig - soon to be the ex-Senator from Idaho, if what's rumored in the news today is true - because he is so clearly stuck in a situation where he lives a lie every day. Let's be honest, we all lie to ourselves in some ways. But to be known to cruise for casual gay sex for the last 25 years, get caught doing it, and stand up there with the cameras in your face and say "I am not gay" - well, that just can't be good for the soul.

Is there a chance the whole things is a misunderstanding, and the Senator is really telling the truth? Here's an interesting excerpt from a Newsweek piece, with Brian Braiker interviewing Keith Griffiths, the founder of the web site

But wasn’t he making moves that are understood in the cruising community to be overtures?
Absolutely. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not disputing what I think is pretty obvious. It’s very, very clear what he was doing—assuming the police officer is telling the truth. He was cruising. Tapping the foot is one thing and it’s a signal; no doubt about it. The fact that he went out of his way to run his hand under the partition, that’s another signal. This man must have studied up on this. He’s got experience. He’s definitely cruising. But he didn’t take it to the step where it would have been a crime.

Some people are certainly taking glee in the fact that in the past Craig has endorsed anti-gay policies.
He’s a f—-ing hypocrite, no doubt about it.

And there you have it - "He’s a f—-ing hypocrite, no doubt about it" - a nice inscription for the statue of Sen. Craig that I'm sure someone will want to put up in Boise.

Moral of our story: Another page in your life script is written every day, and you are the author. You really do have control over how your story turns out.

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Scott said...

Did you say an interview with the founder of What? The editor of was unavailable?

In the immortal words of George Costanza, "Jerry, just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it."